Because Kids & Toxic Chemicals Shouldn't Mix



( An excellent resource for educating those responsible for care of school and athletic fields).

Your children and others run, play and roll around on fields provided by their schools and sports associations. Make sure they are not exposed to toxins there that can trigger asthma attacks or contribute to learning disabilities, endocrine disruption and/or childhood cancer. A fine, 7 1/2 minute DVD from the Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection shows how schools can transition to healthier practices.

** SHOW THE CT ORGANIC LAND CARE VIDEO TO GROUPS OR DECISIONMAKERS! Contact TIP to borrow a DVD or VHS copy, and ask us for more information on how you can help.


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A 2006 Resolution from the Rhode Island State Legislature

Call for Action - Download or copy this to print out and pass along.

PFPF Survey 2005 - Help us get information on what's used in your town, so we can follow up with information on risks and healthier practices.

2005 Proposed RI Pesticide Bills (Hearing held, bills not passed)

Planning Outline for Pesticide-Free Playing Fields Project

Protect our Soccer Fields - Good News: as of March, 2005 the US Youth Soccer Association ended its contract with TruGreen Chemlawn. Thank you so much to everyone who called or wrote the USYSA and its local directors!


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