Basic-H (Quart)

The Top-to-Bottom Cleaner that goes gently down the drain

This biodegradable, all-purpose cleaner was ahead of its time and it continues to set the standard for effectiveness, versatility, and economy. When it's finished working, Basic-H quickly breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, which can re-enter the earth's ecosystem and be naturally recycled.

The powerful cleaner that's gentle to the earth.


Your Price: One Quart $ 10.95, Member Price: $ 9.30



Spot test first. Lipstick on linen napkin: Apply full strength to fabric. Let soak, rub lightly, rinse clean. Crayon on painted wall: Dab full strength on wall, and wipe off with moist sponge Gum on fabric: Apply full strength to fabric. Let soak, then pull gum off. Dirty windshields: Dilute 5 drops in 1 quart of water. Use in windshield reservoir. Old wallpaper: Dilute 2 tbsp. in bucket of hot water; apply with sponge, let soak, lift off. Sticky paintbrushes: Add 1 tbsp. to gallon of water. Soak 24 hours, rinse with hot water.


Basic-I (Quart)

Grease-Cutting Powerhouse

Ideal for heavy-duty home, industrial, and commercial jobs: garage tools, barbecue grills, driveways, workshop and garage floors.

Your Price: One Quart, $13.95, Member Price, $11.85



Basic-D Dishwashing Concentrate

Tough on grease


Basic-D Automatic Dishwashing ConcentrateFor sparkling clean dishes Cuts grease and baked-on food without chlorine Top cleaning performance, phosphate free Effective even in hard water


Size: 3 lbs. 2 oz., Your Price: $14.95, Member Price: $12.70


Satin Sheen Dishwashing Liquid

Tough enough to cut through baked-on food, gentle enough for delicate fabrics

Size: 22 fl. oz., Your Price: $8.95, Member Price: $7.60


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