A 2006 Resolution from the Rhode Island State Legislature

A bill calling for minimum standards for Indoor Environmental Quality was drafted by GCD in cooperation with TIP, and introduced in both the RI State Senate & House in 2006. A hearing was held on March 8, before the Senate Health & Human Services Committee, another March 28, before the House Environment & Natural Resources Committee & on April 10, before House Health & Human Services. On May 23, 2006, the RI State Senate passed a Resolution Urging the Department of Administration to Use Environmentally-Safe & Health-Friendly Cleaning Products in State Facilities & Workplaces, based on the proposed bill, S2627.

2008 UPDATE: A bill requiring environmentally friendly cleaning products in all schools was introduced in 2007 and 2008, but was not acted upon. We expect to continue efforts to obtain stronger legislation and/or an Executive Order from the Governor, addressing this concern. Meanwhile, the RI Dept. of Health has taken steps to encourage and educate schools in green cleaning practices and materials.

**SPEAK TO THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR SCHOOL MAINTENANCE IN YOUR TOWN ABOUT SWITCHING TO ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CLEANING PRODUCTS! Tell them that this change is usually cost-neutral or may actually save money. Free assistance is available to help them do it. See: www.toxicsinfo.org/indoorair/Resources to Go Green.htm


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