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Can killing bugs kill our pets?

Common home pesticides can be harmful or fatal to our pets ... and aren't so great for us, either. Fortunately, there are lots of safe alternatives.

by Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper


Healthy pets, no fleas

How to control fleas without resorting to chemical warfare

by Sylvie Farrell of Mothers & Others, with reporting by Aisha Ikramuddin


Neutralizing Cat Odors

More Everyday Pet Care Solutions

By the cat-loving staff at Care2.


Pet Poisoning

by Annie Berthold-Bond, Producer, Green Living Channels


Pets and Critters In Your Home

Green Living Center

(link is no longer working)


PDSA on Safe Gardens

(link is no longer working)


Bird Proofing Your Home


In RI, contact Toxics Information Project (TIP), Tel. 401-351-9193,

or E-Mail:, for more on this concern.

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